Though these are unprecedented times, we know God is unchanging and is with us even now. God will bring His peace and comfort in the midst of chaos. We at Camp Braveheart wants to continue to walk with you and serve you, perhaps just through a different avenue or a different time.

C.S. Lewis said a friendship begins when one person says to another, “Me too.” Camp provides a place kids get to know others who have experienced similar circumstances. Campers know they have a place they belong, with friends who understand them.

The pandemic of both coronavirus and grief are so isolating and invasive. Our goal is to help you and your family navigate these uncharted waters of COVID-19 and GRIEF. The stay-at-home mandate may prevent the spread of the virus, but it complicates the pain and loneliness resulting from the loss of a loved one. Overlooked grievers work hard to develop coping skills through support from friends, counselors, teachers, academics, sports, and the arts. Most of these have come to a halt during the past month or so.

We are embracing change and creativity in the ways we will provide a place of community and deeper connection for you and your family during this time of grief. As the regulations change, we are ready to go.

One idea (among many) are to bring Camp Braveheart to YOU!

Please complete this new form to let us know you are interested in camp. This will open communication between us, so we will know how we may meet your specific needs.