Get Involved with Us

Camp Braveheart needs partners and volunteers who have a heart and desire to support and walk alongside youth who are on this grief journey. Find ways you can get involved below.

We Need You

Camp Braveheart needs volunteers who have a heart and desire to walk alongside and listen to youth who are on this grief journey. Students who are meeting requirements for internship or residency will need to have permission and support from their academic or professional supervisor and provide proper documentation for on-site supervision, which will be provided by Martha Furman, LPC, LMFT.

There are only a few requirements to volunteer:

God with your whole heart
for supporting kids in the outdoors
Be Fun
And older than 19
Financially support
Camp Braveheart

You can provide support for a camper by providing a scholarship for a child to attend camp. The cost of the camp exceeds the amount of money we charge each child to ensure everyone that wants to go can go. Do you know someone that needs to hear about Camp Braveheart - letting others know about the camp is another great way to support us!

Cost of the Camp per Child
Registration Cost per Child
Cost to Run the Camp
Get Credit
Earn Supervised Hours

Many graduate programs allow you to earn supervised hours towards your master's degree in counseling. By volunteering with Camp Braveheart you can earn those supervised hours toward your residency or internship if you are in a graduate program in counseling.

Hours you can earn
Lives you can touch
Impact you can make on others
You Can
Pray for Kids and Families

We could not accomplish all that God wants us to accomplish without the faithful saints that pray for Camp Braveheart each year. The children that attend camp are on a journey of healing along with their families and your prayers ensure they are touched by God as they prepare for camp, at camp, and beyond.